Pantry challenge day 12, with Mothers’ Day and even more meals I didn’t cook myself

But I made up for them with baking, which is *very* pantry emptying!  Indeed, I am now officially out of caster sugar and plain flour, though I still have bread flour, self-raising flour, wholemeal flour, rye flour, gluten-free flour mix, potato flour, tapioca flour, chestnut flour, coconut flour and chickpea flour (and those are just the ones I can think of as I sit at my computer), so I think my baking needs are pretty well covered still, don’t you?

Breakfast today was the much anticipated crumpets with two kinds of honey.  Oh, they were worth every moment of anticipation, those crumpets.  They were springy and the honey dripped into them but not too much through them, and they tasted somehow more substantial than the supermarket variety.  I really must try making my own sometime.  The honey was also good, especially the vanilla infused one, which tasted very strongly vanilla-ish.

5 breakfast

Lunch was at my brother’s place, and I had been strictly forbidden from bringing anything, so I meekly ate mushrooms baked with herbs and vermouth in parchment (gorgeously aromatic), followed by beef carbonade with mashed potatoes and two veg.

Mushroom!  Mushroom!

Mushroom! Mushroom!

The carbonade was lovely, as was the cheesy mash, flavoured with what my sister-in-law referred to as a ‘belligerently strong’ spiced cheddar cheese.  The vegetables bemused me greatly, because if you look at this plate, it’s the classic Australian meat and three veg meal, something we never had growing up and that I’ve rarely had since.  Though of course my brother wouldn’t dream of using beans and carrots from a packet.

No badgers.

No badgers.

Afternoon tea was our Mothers’ Day thing, and I had been told that I was absolutely allowed to bring cake to that, though not chocolate cake, because my sister in law had chocolate covered.  I therefore baked a lemon and yoghurt cake with rosemary and raspberries, using almond meal, self-raising flour, caster sugarextra-virgin olive oil and icing sugar from the pantry.

Chocolate cake by my sister-in-law; tangy yoghurt cake for me

Chocolate cake by my sister-in-law; tangy yoghurt cake for me

Only then I wasn’t sure it was good enough, so at the last minute I also made a lot of jam thumbprint biscuits, featuring more icing sugarplain flour, almond meal and jam.

5 lunch4

After all that, dinner really had to be light, so I created a barley risotto featuring sorrel and broadbeans.  It looked an awful lot like something from the swamp, but was surprisingly tasty once we got used to the extreme tang of the sorrel.

5 dinner

And now, please cross your fingers for me – I’m making my first attempt at a yeasted gluten-free bread.  Foolishly, I crossed two recipes and then kind of changed both of them, so the results may well be dreadful, but it seemed like a good idea at the time (and positively practical, given the state of my pantry!)…

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