Pantry challenge day 10

I am so very ready for Friday this week, though it must be said, the upcoming weekend is not looking like a very restful one.  Busy, yes.  Sociable, definitely.  Restful… not so much.

Still, I did get to meet some Very Important Mice today, which was pretty cool.  It’s always fun when I get to see more of how the actual science works or is carried out – at this point, I know an awful lot of theory, but haven’t set foot in a biology lab since I was fifteen.  As a result, I know how to usefully describe a great many things whose appearance I have only the foggiest idea of.

Anyway, the mice were very cute, and I now understand why that particular lab head does so much more of the Animal Ethics and general mouse-minding than he really has to.  He clearly really enjoys playing with the mice…

That was a fairly wild digression even by my standards.  Let’s return to today’s exciting menu.

Breakfast was the cranberry and marmalade again, and remains un-photographed, largely because I spent the morning dividing my time between icing a birthday cake and trying to get my brilliant friend Anna Cowan‘s brand new novel to actually work on my e-reader.  (It’s fabulous, incidentally, and entirely worth dealing with the idiocies of iTunes and Kobo combined and multiplied).

So in lieu of a breakfast photo, you get a photo of cake, which is prettier anyway.

3 cake

Incidentally, the cake was based on my chocolate, raspberry and coconut cupcakes, but was made more exciting by the fact that I didn’t have any coconut milk in the pantry and am of course not allowed to buy it just now.  So instead, I had to buy a drinking coconut and go at it with a hammer and screwdriver to get the water out.  Never say I am not dedicated!  In my post-choir haze, I was just not motivated to make proper coconut milk by pureeing the flesh – and I really wasn’t sure how to get to the flesh anyway – so I wound up mixing the coconut water with yoghurt for my dairy component.  The flour, cocoa, sugaroil and chocolate were, of course, all in my pantry and totally legitimate.

Lunch, you will be glad to hear, was much less work, and was in fact leftover purple rice gratin.

  3 lunch

And dinner was leftover haricot beans baked with sausages and grapes – not much of a win for the pantry, but a fine effort in the whole fridge-emptying and leftover-using department.

3 dinner

(I must say, this challenge is slightly fascinating to me if only because I’m really noticing what I eat.  More meat than usual, for one thing, but also I’m so very conscious of having to report back that I actually am producing something vaguely resembling healthy breakfasts, and am feeling quite guilty about all the takeaway this week… Nothing like self-imposed peer-group pressure to smarten up one’s diets.)

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