Oranges, addendum

I gave up and added pectin, because I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, and I didn’t trust it not to spontaneously become toffee instead of jam.

And then I had to strain my syrup through a sieve, because it was indeed lumpy (fortunately, I retained enough sense of self-preservation to add the pectin to just a small portion of the syrup, otherwise I really would have been in a jam) (sorry).

But!  It set!

Of course, after all that, it tastes exactly like marmalade.  This is extremely annoying, because I already know how to make marmalade, and it is much less labour-intensive.  Also, I don’t really like marmalade.

You win some, you lose some…

(Of course, now I want to make croissants, because they are one of the few things that really do go well with marmalade, but I am *not* embarking on another 48-hour cooking project when I have to make 100 cupcakes for a party this weekend.  I may be crazy when it comes to cooking, but I’m not quite that crazy.)

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7 responses to “Oranges, addendum

  1. have you made the nigella lawson recipe for store cupboard choc orange cake that uses lots of marmalade – excellent use for the stuff – I have also used marmalade in a satay sauce – I never eat marmalade on its own but it is good in baking! and yours looks pretty

  2. Orange toffee sounds intriguing though! or at least orange toffee sauce does 🙂

    Mix the jam with pecans and make a pie?

    • It’s a thought, though I’m not really into pecans (and Andrew actively dislikes them). I’m thinking marmalade might be lovely in a gingerbread cake.

      • Fair enough. I was trying to think of something substantial in texture to complement the marmalade, that wasn’t too sweet.

        ooo yum with the gingerbread!

  3. We did get to try a lovely blood orange conserve over here (though it didn’t actually look very blood-orangey, just normal-orangey). We took to calling it jamalade, because that was about the best description one could give it – perhaps it’s just that neither of us have ever encountered orange jam before, but it was rather fascinating.

    Tasty, though!

    • That sounds delicious! After further tastings, I think my orange jam is a bit less bitter than marmalade, and I like it more, so perhaps I, too, have made jamalade…

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