Not really here

Hi again,

I know it looks like I’m back, but I have, in fact, wound up doing this manually so that there is some content – any content! – here, and the result is that every single internal link on this blog is broken.  So guess what I’ll be doing this week?

So, my apologies if you click on something and get a ‘page not found’ sign.  I’m working on it, I promise.  I’ll let you know once things are back to what passes for normal.

1:42 pm – OK, I’ve got the Feasts and Fancies page working, so you can click on all my pretties while you are waiting for the real content to re-align itself!

5:36 pm – And now the Drinks and Sweetmeats pages are also both OK (yes, I’m doing the shorter pages first!), as is everything I’ve posted in September or October.  Go click on your favourite recipes and make these pages feel loved!

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