New Page: Nut-Free!

Just a quick post to note that I have now indexed all my nut-free recipes on a single page.  This is probably redundant for most of you, as I suspect the chief difficulty with a nut allergy isn’t so much figuring out how to replace nuts in your own baking (Pro Tip: use chocolate chips!), as it is dealing with Stealth Nuts in marinades, frying and cakes when eating out.  And I fear my goddess-like food blogging powers are insufficient to deal with that particular issue.

(can you tell that I’ve spent far too much of the last two days doing Sensible Cleaning / Tidying / Sorting Stuff?  It has an appalling effect on my personality…)

Anyway, useful or otherwise, the index is there now, and we all just have to deal with it and move on.

On a totally un-related note, I have so far received a grand total of zero entries for my Vegetarian Substantial Salads Challenge.  I’m hoping this is because you are all plotting, and not because you all find the idea utterly uninteresting!  Do please note that you don’t have to write a new post for this challenge – if you have a salad recipe lurking in your archives that you think might belong here, please feel free to include it – just make sure you update your old post with the link and icon (and, if you like, the blog hop).

Right.  I’m off to do more Cleaning.

Edited to add: I can’t help feeling that there is a certain irony to the fact that I’m posting about nut-free recipes while being driven utterly nuts myself by this stupid cleaning project…

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