Musical Advent Calendar 2020 – One-Woman Choir Edition!

This will be the first December in more than 25 years when I can count the number of times I will be singing on the fingers of one hand. Usually, I can count the number of days when I *won’t* be singing on that very same hand, and usually have at least one thumb to spare.

Among the many tragedies and traumas of this COVID year, a lack of choral singing is a very small sadness indeed. But it is nonetheless something that is missing from my life – something that would normally mark the passage of time for me.

So this year’s Advent Calendar is a bit of a self-indulgent one. With the magic of technology – hello overdubbing! – I will be my own choir, and make recordings of my favourite carols.

These are not professional recordings. They are just me, my phone, and my computer, with perhaps some percussion from GarageBand and just a dash of traffic noise from the street outside my window.

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy singing them!

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