Music for a Quiet Lent: Thursday, March 26

We sing the English version of this motet at the start of Lent almost every year, and I love it for the key and mood changes and the way the music spirals up and up in the last verse until you almost have musical vertigo. It’s just a lovely, lovely piece.

The lyrics in English are

Ah thou poor world, thou cheatest me; that I confess unfeignedly: yet in thee seek my pleasure.

False world, thou art but idle show; thy splendour fades as well I know: thy joys have briefest measure.

Thy wealth, thine honours manifold in need in death no comfort hold; thy gold is naught but tinsel gold. Be thou, oh Lord, my treasure.

I’ve chosen this piece for today because the Psalm and Old Testament readings in the Anglican lectionary are about the Israelites building a golden calf when they were in the wilderness and Moses was up on Mount Sinai. Not a perfect match, but somewhat on theme, I think.

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