Music for a Quiet Lent: Saturday, April 4

I am abandoning the Lectionary once again today, to bring you something that might belong on Ash Wednesday and might belong on Holy Saturday, but that definitely deserves to fit into this calendar somewhere, because it is too lovely to miss.

Allegri’s Miserere takes its text from Psalm 51, and was famously performed only in the Vatican until a young Mozart decided to go home after a service there and transcribe it from memory (with, apparently, some corrections). The semi-chorus, in particular, with its ethereal soprano line, is a thing of beauty. I like the version below, although it is somewhat abridged, because it’s visually lovely, and it’s always more fun if you can see the singers singing. But if you want the full-length version, the Tallis Scholars recording from 1980 is also excellent.

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