Music for a Quiet Lent: Monday, March 30

In my world, you simply can never have enough verse anthems. The text for this one comes from the book of Lamentations, which does not come up in the Anglican Lectionary until Holy Week (by which point there are far more enticing things in the lectionary to play with), and doesn’t appear in the Revised Common Lectionary at all. Which is a shame, because Michael Wise’s setting of ‘The Ways of Zion do Mourn’ is absolutely beautiful, with its haunting duet between the soprano and bass soloists, interspersed with the rather stern chorus for full choir.

You will have to turn the volume right up for this one – it’s an older recording, and not very clear, but the soloists are lovely.

Bonus anthem! While I was trying to find a good recording of the Michael Wise anthem, I accidentally came across this piece of the same name by Handel for the funeral of Queen Caroline. Obviously, one can not have too much Handel any more than one can have too many verse anthems, so I figured I might as well share this one too. This is much more majestic and less contemplative than the Wise, which I think I prefer, but it’s also lovely.

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