Music for a Quiet Lent: Friday, April 3

It’s Friday again, which means more Good Friday music. The Casals O Vos Omnes is a favourite of mine – we sing it during the Good Friday Vigil at one of the Catholic churches I sing at every year (I am extremely ecumenical in Holy Week!), and I love how dramatic it is.

But while I was looking for a good recording of the Casals, I stumbled across this version by Tomás Luis de Victoria, and completely fell in love with it. It has such a sense of stillness to it, and it is just hauntingly beautiful (though singers with perfect pitch are advised not to look at the video while listening to it – I am not sure what key the singers are using for this piece, but it is definitely NOT the one shown in the music!).

The text is from Lamentations:

O all you people who walk by on the road, pay attention and see if there be any sorrow like my sorrow. Attend, all people, and look at my sorrow, if there be any sorrow like my sorrow.

On Good Friday, these words are associated with the grief of Christ on his way to the Cross.

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