Menu notes, probably only of interest to me

I keep writing menu lists for tomorrow and putting them down in silly places and not being able to find them.  I won’t lose this one.


Chicken à la king in vol au vents (make filling today)
Artichoke risotto ‘apples’ (make risotto today, shape and cook tomorrow)
Meatball ‘pears’ (make today, cook tomorrow)
Renaissance Garden Salad (? chop fruit and veg today)
Lemon Sallet (blanch the zest today)
Cheese, Pine Nut and Herb Puree (make and refrigerate)
King Island Cheese (bought)
Bread (buy tomorrow, and also make croutons)
Radishes, carrots, yellow beans (pick from garden)
Assorted olives (bought)

I’m sure there’s something else because this doesn’t look like enough food.


Cherry cheese
Ginger hearts
Maids of Honour
Old English Matrimonials
Cardinal Cake
Queen Cakes (have to make tomorrow – decorate suitably)
Strawberries (bought)
Candied rose petals


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