Menu notes for the next few days

Probably only of interest to me.

Monday – 33°C, and guests at dinner.

Breakfast = hot cross buns, for I am a philistine who doesn’t care that it is January.

Lunch = leftover zucchini flowers and gnocchi from tonight. Fruit.

Dinner = bread, ratatouille, roast garlic butter (NB: garlic now in oven, don’t forget), grilled halloumi, ? mushrooms with vegan pesto, hard boiled quail eggs.

Dessert = fruit tart; blind bake the chocolate pastry tomorrow morning, use leftover caramel sauce, fill with yoghurt and mascarpone mix, top with fresh berries from market.

Tuesday – 35°C

Breakfast and lunch as for Monday.

Dinner = bread, ratatouille, butter, any other leftovers.  Potato and zucchini frittata.  Spicy sausage.

Dessert = not necessary, but we’ll probably have leftovers, or we can have ice-cream and fruit.

Wednesday ? cool change

Breakfast – yoghurt and berries.  Maybe make that toasted almond and coconut and oat and honey mixture on Tuesday night.  Or make it right now.

Lunch = Frittata, cherry tomatoes, fruit

Dinner = Pasta bolognese with that lovely mince.  Salad

Dessert = now is the time to stew that rhubarb, methinks.


Breakfast – yoghurt and rhubarb with possible nutty topping as per Wednesday

Lunch = Frittata, tomatoes, fruit

Dinner = eating out


A blank slate, but probably broccoli and ricotta pasta for dinner.

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