Lots of Updates!

I have embarked on the sanity-killing project of re-organising all my recipe indexes on this blog.  As you will see, if you click on the Recipes page above, there are now a lot of sub-pages based on what kind of food you might be wanting to cook.  This is because there were enough recipes in the original index to make scrolling down to find things an absolute pain in the neck.

So far, this has eaten a day and a half of my life, and I am only halfway through the process (I’m planning a separate set of sub-pages organised by dietary requirement, but I’m a bit scared about how long it’s going to take).  So if you are wondering what has happened to the usual cheery recipes and random foodie bits and pieces around here, Organisation has happened, and I expect to be committed somewhere peaceful for my own good any minute now.

Just for fun, though, I’ve also created a new page called Feasts and Fancies, which collects together all my Shakespeare feasts and all my wedding cakes and other celebration cakes (or at least, all the ones that are on this blog – at some point, I will go back and retro-actively add all my Shakespeare feasts from my pre-blogging days, just so that they are all in the same place).

In conclusion, my apologies for the lack of new material on this blog for the time being.  I can only offer as compensation the prospect that my old material will shortly be much easier to find…

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