Jetlag and Facebook Page

So I had all these plans for getting my next Norway post up today, and then work on my Farmers’ Market post, and it was going to be amazing and posterific…

… and then I discovered jetlag.  I really thought I’d managed to avoid it this time, but nope, here it is.  I spent most of the day barely able to function (I had an accidental three hour nap this afternoon), and now I’m wide awake.

So I suspect you will be waiting a little while before my regular travel posts.  I’m back at work tomorrow, assuming I can manage not to sleep too heavily at my desk, and this will tend to interfere with one’s blogging schedule!

In the meantime, though, I have created a Cate’s Cates Facebook Page especially for those who wish to follow this food blog without necessarily hearing all about my opinions on politics or what I think of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.  Or grant writing.  All the cool kids were doing it, you see.  So feel free to pop over and like (and even share, should this float your boat) my page.  I’m currently working out how to like my fellow food bloggers in my persona as Cate’s Cates rather than as just plain Catherine, because I like the idea of having all my lovely foodie people together where I can find them easily, so if I haven’t found you yet, and you are so inclined, please do pop over and like me and I will reciprocate.


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