International Raw Food Day!

Just a quick post to note that it’s International Raw Food Day today!

I’m having a rather tired week, and I’ve also injured myself slightly, making me more inclined to curl up in bed feeling sorry for myself than to cook things and then write about them, so while I am not totally ruling out the possibility of writing an exciting raw food recipe later, I shall instead take this opportunity to point you in the direction of exciting things that other people are doing. are offering a huge number of giveaways if you sign up to their site, and really, who wouldn’t?  The one you get to download immediately is a little PDF book called ‘Eat Raw for a Day’, which is clearly aimed at those who would like to dip their toes in the water without committing to a dehydrator – the recipes are simple and tasty, require nothing more exciting than a blender for one set and a knife for the other, and the ingredients are all things you should be able to buy at the supermarket.

If you are the Facebooking kind, you can subscribe to Kemi’s Raw Kitchen and join in a raw food recipe competition (or just vote in one).  She’s posting some lovely recipes over there, too, and there are more on her website,

Vitamix is encouraging people to go green with smoothies – you can download a free e-book and enter to win a Vitamix blender here.

If you like raw food trufflish energy snacks, you can check out my Raw Baklava Truffle Balls post from last week, or, as I suggested then, check out my Sweetmeats page, Hannah’s Raw Treats page, Kari’s No Bake Treats, or Amber Shea Crawley’s desserts either on her website or in book form for further inspiration.


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