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I’m gearing up for a big week, with either choir practice or singing lessons every evening, work every day until Wednesday, and at least one Easter service every day between Thursday and Sunday.

Today has therefore been a day for cooking things that need to be cooked (hello, raspberries) and organising food for the week.  Mostly, though, it’s been about baking, so this is my little gloaty post about all the goodies in my kitchen…

Today’s Cooking

Chocolate and raspberry brownies, which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I have been making sad faces about the lack of chocolate cake in my life all week, and everything to do with using up those lovely raspberries.  Truly.

Orange and raspberry cake, which really was about using up raspberries, and is now residing in my freezer, ready for the next occasion on which I really need cake and have none.

Poached quinces, because I just wanted to make the house smell like quinces.  These are dessert, and also something nice to have in the fridge.

Tomatillo mole sauce, or something like that, because I wanted to try to make something with the tomatilloes, and I figured that today would be the only day when I had enough time and imagination to do so, especially as I have no idea how well tomatillos keep.

I have also done one choir service, a load of washing, and spent an hour and a half on singing practice, not to mention writing multiple blog posts…

Of course, I still need to put away all my clean clothes and wash my hair, not to mention write a shopping list for tomorrow’s dinner, but basically, I’m winning at getting stuff done.  And my house is full of beautiful food.

Dinners for this week, probably only of interest to me:

Monday: Pumpkin and ricotta tart, salad (thus providing leftovers for lunch, oh yes)

Tuesday: someone else is cooking, yay, though I must check how that’s going to pan out with extra choir practice

Wednesday: Veggie burgers with roast peppers, baby spinach, Jarlsberg cheese, and sautéed mushrooms

Thursday: Fresh rigatone pasta with tomato, eggplant, basil, and roast garlic

Pasta, along with the things I plan to cook it with.  Though I possibly will not use six bulbs of garlic in a single meal...

Friday: Spinach and ricotta pancakes; peach and blueberry pie

Saturday: no idea, but at least by that point I will have used up all the perishables.  Pizza, maybe.  Or vegetarian chilli.

Sunday:  if I have time, that wonderful layered pasta al forno bake with the lamb shanks and beef and tomatoes and mozzarella and basil and provolone…

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