Not many recipes around here recently, because I’ve been enjoying the last week of my holidays fairly quietly, meeting up with people, trying to get into a habit of daily yoga and language practice (in the very faint hope that such a habit will survive Grants Season at work), and mostly cooking from cookbooks.  I do have a couple of longish posts pending, but recipes have I none.  I will also be overhauling my Low Fructose page in the next week or two, following an incredibly useful conversation with a dietician about fructose, FODMAPs, and how these interact with cooking.

Next week is going to be hideously hot all over Melbourne, so now might be a good time to investigate (and even join in!) the Raw / No Cook Vegetarian Challenge I’m running this month.

But in the meantime, here, have a photo of my most recent vegetable harvest.  If you look closely, you will see a tiny, tiny asparagus.  Almost too small to really count, but maybe next year?


I hope those who are still on holidays are having a good one, and that we all survive the heat next week.


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