Cate Sings

This is how it goes:

I see an email on a mailing list seeking chorus members for a performance of Tosca in a few days time.  Naturally, I’m agog to sing in some bona fide opera (I’ve been singing church music for the last decade, and have only discovered opera recently), so I write back immediately, and spend the next two evenings in rehearsal, merrily switching voice parts according to need.

It’s amazingly good fun.

And at the end of it, one of the soloists asks for my business card, which is when I realise I don’t have one.

(I did have one once, but it only references my cooking blog, which is not really the way to encourage people to think of one as a prospective chorus member or – let us be bold – an eventual soloist.)

So I go in search of business cards, thinking about the fact that my blog is, indeed, all about cooking, but my online journal is increasingly about singing and my voice lessons and what amazingly gorgeous clip I have found on YouTube recently.  And speaking of YouTube, I do have a few recordings on there already, practice recitals and weddings, and one very silly ABBA parody I wrote for work, and it would be pleasing to have these things all in the one place.  And then, of course, if I am hoping to move into the world of professional singing, perhaps what I should really be doing is writing up my various bits and pieces of music experience into a CV… which could go online, along with said YouTube clips…

And then I think about the fact that I’ve been toying with the idea of Music for Mondays for quite a while now, since I do keep hearing beautiful pieces of music and being enthralled by them.  And I have been creating Musical Advent Calendars for a couple of years now.  Perhaps this could be the foundation of a blog?  Not a big blog, you understand, just a little, occasional blog, with nice things to listen to,

And so here we are.  It seems I now have a music blog.  Or at least, an online repository for my music CV, my favourite pieces of music, any recordings I’ve been a part of, and anything else music-related that I don’t want to lose track of.

Maybe it will be just for me.  Maybe the world does not need music blog-CV hybrids.  That’s OK.

But maybe you need some Monday music just as much as I do.  If so, I hope you’ll stay.

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