Happy Birthday to Me!

I made a cake for work.

A big cake, as befits someone who needs to feed cake to 90-odd scientists.  By big, I mean it was more than 30 cm in diameter, about 15 centimetres high, and weighed more than 7 kilos once iced.  Two kilos of that weight was chocolate and raspberries.


For once, I actually succeeded in making enough food that there were leftovers.  About a quarter of the cake, to be precise.  And that’s after I fed several other random Institute people.  The difficulty is that I can cater for four, or six, or ten, but once it gets to 90, I just throw up my hands and go ‘lots!’.  I don’t really know what constitutes a sensible amount of cake for that number of people…

Also, it turns out that making little stencils out of baking paper and using them to make sparkly sugar hearts is actually quite an effective decorating technique, which causes people not to notice that your icing is lumpy from all the raspberries.  So that was good, too.

Also, it tasted fantastic. But we knew that already…

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8 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. So, not only do you take the cake, you bake the cake? [to the tune of “I Write The Songs” perhaps?]

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh, the pretty!

    And a happy, happy birthday to you, Catherine. 🙂

  3. Oh my stars. That is a sight to behold…

  4. Happy birthday Catherine! That is one amazing cake – you celebrate in style 🙂

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