Gratuitous photo post

Because you know you wanted to see what chocolate pasta looked like…

3 dessert

Served with a strawberry and raspberry sauce spiked with a bit of kirsch and cacao butter, and white chocolate grated over the top.  Yum.

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4 responses to “Gratuitous photo post

  1. Yum indeed! I made chocolate pasta last year, due to being very intrigued by the concept, but found making pasta to be quite tricky without a pasta machine. It was very thick! I’d still like to try a ‘proper’ version to give it justice.

    • Well, this was bought, but I do have a pasta machine and have made chocolate ravioli before. Though it never quite lives up to the idea in my mind of what chocolate pasta should be…

  2. Paul Duncanson

    Nom! May I ask where you bought it? I have been looking for a local source of chocolate pasta for ages.

    • Coburg Farmers’ Market, 2nd Saturday of the month (I don’t think this particular stallholder comes in on the 4th Saturday). She has all sorts of interesting savoury flavours, too. The chocolate and chilli pasta is fairly mildly chocolatey, but it has a nice sense of heat from the chilli after you eat it.

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