Garden post of extreme excitement

Look at this!

Do you see what I see?

Asparagus!  Teeny, tiny, baby asparagus, shorter than my thumb and vanishingly thin, but it’s asparagus, growing out of the ground!  I am awed and excited and delighted – it’s far too tiny to be a sign of asparagus this year, but it’s a definite promise of asparagus next year or the year after.  I’ve never seen asparagus at this stage in its life before.  It’s quite thrilling.  Not least to reflect that I’ve managed to keep enough of the tiny, tiny seedlings I bought last year alive and unchoked by weeds to give this promise of future glory.

In other news, my radishes are up!

Well, I assume they are radishes.  I haven’t planted radishes for a while, but this is where I planted them, so hopefully they are radishes and not precocious weeds.  The grassy things *might* be weeds, but I’m going to give them another week or so in which to show their true colours, because I did rather sprinkle the flower and salad green seeds at random, and the cats have randomised things further with their digging.

I’ve also planted tomatoes.

Lots of tomatoes.

The dark patch you see in the front is also a sign of hope – I noticed that two of my zucchini seeds had germinated and been uncovered by someone with paws, so I covered them up again with seed raising mix and mulch, and will cross my fingers that they manage to get hardy enough fast enough to escape the paws of scientific enquiry.

No sign of the asparagus peas or cannelini beans yet, or of most of my salad greens.  But one week isn’t that long in which to germinate – I suspect I’ll start seeing some of those popping up in the next week or so.  I hope so.  My basil and raspberry are both still happy, but my parsley is already looking sad.  I seem to be successful at parsley once every five years or so.  This may not be my year…

I haven’t staked the tomatoes yet – I’ll start on that next week, I think.  This weekend’s priority is to clear more space for the purple bean seeds to be planted, and to make our porch area liveable.  There may even be flowers!  Anything is possible…

If I get really good, I may start digging the area for potatoes, but I suspect that’s going to be a task for next weekend.  Tomorrow is market and choir, and I want to experiment with pineapple sage sometime soon, since I am so abundantly blessed in that department right now.  And I feel an urge to make pizza dough, too.  It’s been a while since I did pizza from scratch, and I have a really nice vegan pizza primavera with salsa verde that I need to perfect and write up…


This time last year…

Recipe: Rosy Berries with Mascarpone and Yoghurt

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