Friday Fun: Too Darn Hot (Cole Porter)

Everyone in Melbourne knows exactly why I’m posting this clip today.  And it’s not because Ann Miller is gorgeous and brilliant, though that is certainly the case too…

This is Ann Miller as Lois Lane (the Bianca character) in Kiss Me Kate, the music theatre version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew.  I have to admit, much like Shrew itself, Kiss Me Kate leaves me longing to shake the author / composer, but Ann Miller is always wonderful.  She is also invariably typecast as the fun-loving and decidedly sexy brunette friend in every single musical I’ve seen her in.  And she is a truly incredible dancer.

Here she is as Claire, the anthopologist with a close, personal appreciation for pre-historic man in On The Town.  Possibly the silliest dance routine I’ve seen in a while, not least because it involves dinosaur bones.

I’m off to find a shopping centre with air-conditioning.  See you when it cools down!

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