Friday Fun: Lost Forever (Van Canto)

Something a bit different today.  Van Canto is a German ‘hero metal’ band with a difference – their only musical instruments are their voices and a drumkit.  They do all the guitar riffs and other accompaniment with their voices.  And they are bloody good at it.

I actually don’t care for heavy metal, even when it comes with epic fantasy lyrics and music videos (though I’ll admit that epic fantasy lyrics and music videos never hurt), but there’s just something about hearing human voices doing all those amazing rhythmic things – not to mention a remarkably convincing instrumental break – that appeals to me enormously.  And really, the musicianship required for this is pretty spectacular.  I wouldn’t know where to start making those noises with my voice.

Also, of course, there’s just something about watching all these big, tattooed guys trying to look tough while singing ‘riddly-diddly’ that is intrinsically hilarious.

Another point of interest is the comments their videos attract.  One of them begins with the sad remark “There is a lack of riddily-diddly in this vid.”  (apparently, I’m not the only one who comes here for the riddly-diddly).  Another has the response “So, guys. What do you do for a living? -Oh, well, you see… We just RANGDIGIDANGDIGIDANGDIGIDANG”.  A third notes “I couldn’t remember the name of the band so I just searched ‘Riddly diddly’.  And, to Andrew’s amusement, their cover of Metallica’s Battery gleaned a “LOL WTF” from James Hetfield.

Here’s one of their covers, Wishmaster, which I keep coming back to because the clip is kind of pretty.

I don’t know what it says about me that I just had to ask Andrew to switch of heavy metal cellos because they were making my head hurt, but that I’ve spent at least an hour this week listening to Van Canto covers of metal songs…

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  1. filkferengi
    May 3, 2013 at 5:22 am

    Have you ever heard Blackmore’s Night? They also rock, with a somewhat Ren-Fairish feel.

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