Friday Fun: Lego Opera does Tosca

I can’t decide whether this is an act of genius or a travesty, but I think you’ll agree that it definitely belongs in the Friday Fun category…

The rest of the opera can be found here:

Act 1 part 2

Act 2

Act 3

It’s the subtitles that do it for me, really.  I especially like this little exchange between Scarpia and Tosca:

Sccarpia: “You’re nothing like some girls who pose for paintings while having affairs with the painters and eating ice cream!”

Tosca: “What!  Love affairs!  Ice cream!”

It’s hard to go past that.

Having sung in the chorus of Tosca last year, and thus heard the entire thing through exactly twice, I was surprised by how many bits of the music I didn’t just recognise but also remembered well enough to recognise where they had been cut.  (The chorus bits, unsurprisingly, got cut quite a lot.) Puccini doesn’t really do set arias – everything runs together into a single musical conversation, which for me, at least, makes individual sections harder to remember.  Though apparently I remembered just about every note that came out of Scarpia’s mouth, particularly in Act 1.  Well, he is a spectacularly villainous sort of villain – just as a bass should be…

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