Friday Fun: Cheap Flights (Fascinating Aida)

I was reading a novel this week in which, at one point, the heroine is about to fly to Japan, which is a terrible idea in the context of this book, and I really, really didn’t want her to go.  And then she mentioned that she was waiting in the Jetstar lounge, and I breathed an immediate sigh of relief, because of course there was no way Jetstar would take her to Japan – the flight would be cancelled for sure, or at least delayed long enough… And then I remembered that I was reading a novel, so that the rules of real life might not apply, and sure enough, her plane left on time, taking with it my suspension of disbelief.

(I’m sorry if anyone reading this works at Jetstar and is distressed by the above, but every time I’ve booked anyone on a flight with Jetstar, they have done their level best to strand my passengers in far north Queensland.  I refuse to book flights on Jetstar now, even when they are the only direct option.)

Anyway, between that and the fact that I’ve been chatting twice daily with our travel agents this week, today’s choice of song was obvious.  Though if you have a problem with profanity, you might want to give this one a miss (it is, however, safe for work, provided you aren’t working in a primary school or similar. Though I imagine the kids already know these words…).

You can listen to a slightly better-quality recording here, but it does have a lengthy ad for their show at the end, and I thought the subtitles were worth having.

I do love Fascinating Aida.  Their sense of humour is delicious, ranging from the bawdy to the fairly revolting (Radiating Love, about love after nuclear fallout, asks important questions like “Would you still hold my hand if my skin wasn’t there?”, and goes downhill from there), but always being clever.  And their musicianship is very, very good.  They do a wide range of styles very well.  My favourite is still the Boring Song from their album A Load of Old Sequins, but, sadly, nobody seems to have put it up anywhere yet.

Apparently I can’t think much to say about Fascinating Aida, largely because I’ve now found myself on YouTube listening to song after song of theirs.  I think the best I can do in these circumstances is encourage you to do likewise.  Here’s Bestseller to get you started.  Not really safe for work, I fear, since one of the books parodied is 50 Shades of Grey…

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