For those who expressed concern earlier…

I am pleased to report that the sourdough lives.  It was a bit sluggish this morning, though, so I gave it an extra feed of organic rye flour and bottled water  after I removed the part I was going to use in today’s baking.  Which is going to be What’s In The Pantry Fruit Bread, because I keep buying odd dried fruits and forgetting about them.  I really need to tidy my pantry soon.  Still, I can’t see how rye and spelt sourdough with pumpkin seeds, candied orange, dried strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, apricots, pears and apples could possibly be a bad thing, can you?

Of course, I am now consumed with a near-irresistible urge to bake biscuits.  Lovely, tasty, predictable, *fast* biscuits.  Ah, the joy of cooking that doesn’t require pre-planning!  Some recipes even take less than half an hour from the initial rummage through cookbook and pantry to eating them warm off the rack.  A far cry, indeed, from a loaf of bread which (while undoubtely delicious) takes 24 hours or longer to come to fruition (sorry).

Mmm… biscuits…  I think our lunchboxes for next week would be greatly improved by something oaty and chewy and crunchy and full of random dried fruit (don’t imagine I used it all up in the bread).  And I’m just the woman to make sure it happens.

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