Embarrassingly Belated Pasta Please Roundup Post

I am so, so sorry.  No sooner had Politics Madness come to an end than I found myself plunged into Singing Madness – because of course December is singing season for church musicians like myself.  My best friend visited last weekend and commented on the fact that I was out singing on all three nights – and I had to tell her that this was actually a fairly relaxing weekend compared to the last two, on which I had also been out singing completely different things during the day as well…

We had a small but delicious collection of posts this month, no doubt due to a combination of being intimidated by home-made pasta, and, let’s be frank, my negligence in promoting this challenge properly.  Jacqueline, you have my apologies and I will plan better next time, if you ever let me host again!

As it happens, all three recipes this month are gluten free, dairy free, nut-free, and vegetarian, and two of them are vegan.  An impressive effort!

Janet at the Taste Space created Zucchini Noodles, which she served with an Arrabiata Sauce. This is a lovely, flavour-packed recipe, which also has the advantage of being quite straight-forward to cook, and also quite freezer-friendly.  A good choice for summer nights when it is too hot for cook, but you can’t face one more completely cold meal – you could just de-frost the sauce, heat it up, and serve with your raw zucchini noodles.  Yum.


I love the combination of fresh zucchini and that rich, spicy sauce.

Kate, the Gluten Free Alchemist, absolutely delighted me with her gluten-free tagliatelli.  She has found the secret of a kneadable gluten-free pasta dough – glutinous rice flour seems to be key – and I’m clearly going to have to experiment with this sometime soon.  I’m so excited about this.  I’ve tried making gluten-free pasta several times, and my efforts had a tendency to dissolve in water.  Not nice…

I can’t believe it has no gluten in it and still looks like that.

Kate is also a newcomer to this challenge, so welcome, Kate!

My own contribution was more modest and far less Italian by comparison – my Nonna would be turning in her grave, I suspect!  I created a quick summer meal on a sadly cold and wet night, using my spiraliser to make cucumber noodles and serving them with a spicy Gazpacho sauce.  Which was rather spicier than I intended, as my hand slipped on the hot sauce bottle!  But Andrew loved it, and I’ll definitely be making this one in February, when the kitchen is too hot to endure…


I’m going to end by thanking Jacqueline once again for letting me host this challenge, and also thanking both Kate and Janet for coming and playing the gluten-free pasta game with me!  If you like the sound of pasta challenges, this month’s Pasta Please challenge is being hosted by Tina at The Worktop, with a theme of Last Minute Pasta.  This sounds like a good theme, especially for such a busy time of year, so hopefully we’ll be seeing lots of exciting recipes this month…

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