Confectionery – Special Limited-Edition Flavours!

Hi all,

I’m still taking orders for confectionery, so don’t forget to email me (17catherines at gmail dot com) if you are interested in buying pectin jellies!

My caramel wrappers still haven’t arrived, so this week – for a limited time only! – I’m offering a special edition collection for sale.  I’ve made just one batch of each of these three flavours – about eleven packs – and when they are gone, they are gone, so be quick!  This offer can’t last!

(OK, I may possibly be having too much fun with the advertising jargon now…)

Summer Fruits – $15

Pineapple-lime, Strawberry, Nectarine

The $15 is part nuisance-tax (all of these jellies require blending and straining of fruit, and two of them require peeling, too), and part luxury item tax – it can’t be denied that strawberries, pineapples and nectarines cost more than citrus fruits, even at this time of year.  These are pretty good fun, I think – the strawberry tastes exactly like strawberry jam in jelly form, the nectarine tastes (I think) a bit like apricot pie, and the pineapple-lime is a very mellow pineapple flavour, with a hint of lime in the background.


I’m still selling the following flavours:

Citrus – $12
Blood orange, lemon, grapefruit

Flavours from the Garden – $12
Lemon & lavender, Orange & Rosemary, Raspberry & Rosewater

Luxury Fruit – $15
Raspberry, Lime, Passionfruit

Orders for these three flavours close on Saturday the 14th.

If the caramel wrappers come in this week, they will also be a Special Edition – I’ll make a number of batches, see how many packs they make, and sell them accordingly. 

If the caramel wrappers don’t come in… stay tuned for another special edition of pectin jellies later in the week!

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