Confectionery orders close in 24 hours!

Hi all,

Just a reminder that if you want to buy confectionery this Christmas, the time to order is now, as I’ll be closing orders tomorrow at 4pm, after which I will make enough batches to fill what orders I have, but no more (that is, there will probably still be some confectionery about that I could pack up for you, but it will be in whatever flavours I still have some of).

Prices etc below the cut – email me at 17catherines at gmail dot com to order.

Pectin Jellies

Luxury Fruit – $15

Raspberry, Passionfruit and Lime

Citrus – $12

Lemon, Grapefruit and Tangerine (I have not been able to find blood oranges this summer – their season really ended in October – but if I do, they will replace the tangerine)

Christmas Spice – $12

Apple and cinnamon, spiced orange, grapefruit and ginger (if I come up with an even more brilliant idea than any of these, I will let you know and offer it as an alternative).

(I realise this is all a little less organised than last year – I was sick all last week, which messed with my preparation time, as I didn’t want to make plague-bearing confectionery, even as test batches.)

Agar Jellies

Agar Jellies in a Petri Dish – $10

These are my fun range – unlike the pectin jellies, which get all their flavour and colour from fresh fruit, these will be in an assortment of entirely artificial flavours.  I am using natural food colourings, however, so there is some vestige of non-artificiality in this situation.  Because these are weird science experiment jellies, flavours will be assorted and a surprise!  They may include mango, passionfruit, raspberry, rosewater, apricot & orange flower water, pineapple, tangerine, lime, blue curaçao, strawberry and tequila, and basically anything else I see in my pantry that I think might be tasty in an agar jelly.

I can make a non-alcoholic assortment on request, and I can also avoid particular flavours in your mix if you loathe and detest them, so please just ask.


Regular prices are below, but I also have one bargain-basement special, which I like to call ‘very slightly gingery grapefruit jellies’.  Basically, they taste like grapefruit (the ginger just wasn’t strong enough to make much impact), so they can’t go in my Christmas Spice range since they are not at all spicy, but because they do have ginger in them and I know there are some people out there with ginger allergies, I can’t sell them as plain grapefruit, either.

But they are still tasty jellies.

So, for a limited time only, you can get a bag of 9 little grapefruit jellies with a hint of ginger for the low price of $5.  I think I have about ten of these bags available, but it will be first come, first served with these orders. These ones will be wrapped pretty plainly, as befits their bargain-basement status, and should be available tomorrow.

(NB – if you are wondering where your order is, I’ve filled a bit more than half my orders and am now re-stocking on ingredients.  For those with existing orders, choir people can expect their orders on Saturday or next Thursday, work people early next week (almost certainly Monday), and other friends, whenever I can touch base with you.  Any mailed orders will go in the post today.)

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