I’m starting even later this year with the confectionery, but yes, I am doing it again!
There will be a few differences from last year.

  • I’m making the packaging slightly less pretty but a lot easier to handle (using cellophane bags rather than a sheet of cellophane that comes apart when you open it).  This will hopefully make me less crazy and make the confectionery more manageable for anyone who doesn’t want to eat the whole lot in one go.
  • I’m raising the prices slightly.  All that fruit is fairly expensive, and I didn’t really allow for my own labour last year.
  • New flavours!  I found last year that the rosewater, pomegranate and orange flower water jellies all tended to lose their flavour faster than other flaovurs (I think the flower waters, in particular, are more volatile and just evaporate out of the sweets over time), and also didn’t keep quite as well.  So this year’s flavours will be:

Pectin Jellies

Luxury Fruit – $15

Raspberry, Passionfruit and Lime

Citrus – $12

Lemon, Grapefruit and Tangerine (I have not been able to find blood oranges this summer – their season really ended in October – but if I do, they will replace the tangerine)

Christmas Spice – $12

Apple and cinnamon, spiced orange, grapefruit and ginger (if I come up with an even more brilliant idea than any of these, I will let you know and offer it as an alternative).

Agar Jellies

Agar Jellies in a Petri Dish – $10

These are my fun range – unlike the pectin jellies, which get all their flavour and colour from fresh fruit, these will be in an assortment of entirely artificial flavours (I’ve tried natural flavours, but I had to choose between intensity and the jellies actually setting, which was unsatisfactory).  I am using natural food colourings (derived from vegetables and fruit), however, so there is some vestige of non-artificiality in this situation.  Because these are weird science experiment jellies, flavours will be assorted and a surprise!  They may include mango, passionfruit, raspberry, rosewater, apricot & orange flower water, pineapple, tangerine, lime, blue curaçao, strawberry and tequila, and basically anything else I see in my pantry that I think might be tasty in an agar jelly.  (I can tell you now that the blue curaçao are definitely the most mad-scientist thing I’ve ever cooked.  That is one weird flavour to find in confectionery…)

I can make a non-alcoholic assortment on request, and I can also avoid particular flavours in your mix if you loathe and detest them, so please just ask.

Dietary Requirements

None of my jellies contain nuts, gluten, soy, or any animal products.  However, they are cooked in a kitchen that frequently contains all of these things.  I do make an effort to make sure nothing allergenic goes near them, but I can’t promise a totally gluten- or nut-free kitchen.  I’m pretty sure this is what we call ‘may contain traces of nuts / gluten’.

Orders, Payment and Delivery

I’ll start making jellies this weekend, and will aim to get the first batch out next week.  Orders will close at the point where I realise that there is no way I can make any more confectionery, which will probably be by December 14th.

To order, please email me at 17catherines at gmail dot com.

Please tell me if you need delivery by a particular date, and I will organise this.  Payment is at time of delivery.

Let the culinary madness begin…


This time last year…

Confectionery! (sounds strangely familiar)

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