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Farmers’ Market post: Return to Coburg!

It has been so long since we got to our local Farmer’s Market!  We have made it to Flemington a few times, by dint of the fact that it is on a Sunday and on the way to choir, and thus doesn’t interfere with much-needed weekend sleep-ins, but Coburg, falling as it does on a Saturday morning, has been a victim of exhaustion and all-day cooking classes.


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Return to Bundoora Farmers’ Market!

It’s been a couple of months since we visited a weekend farmers market (we’ve been quite diligent about going to the ones at Melbourne Uni, since they are so convenient to where we work, but the range of produce is much narrower there, and one doesn’t really want to be carrying bags and bags of veggies home on the tram), and in that time, the season has changed from summer to winter.


Though, this being Melbourne, the red cabbage and Brussels sprouts at one stall were being blatantly upstaged by the eggplants, sweet corn and strawberries available at the stall across the way.  Apparently, these were grown in Wandin.  I was wondering if Wandin has a wormhole to the Northern hemisphere, but it’s probably just really good hydroponics and glasshouses…


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Return to the Farmers’ Markets (and, hopefully, to blogging)

Well, that was a longer break than I expected it to be.  I’d like to thank the NHMRC’s insane grants schedule, Easter, and the cyst on my wrist for providing the synergy of silly working hours, non-existent weekends, pain, and general exhaustion that led to the blogging hiatus… hopefully, things will start to calm down soon, and you will see more of me here.


To be honest, I haven’t even been doing much new cooking – these busy months are when I revisit old favourites and am quietly thankful for a fairly good repertoire of simple recipes in my head, and a large array of take-away options in my suburb.


To read my blog this year, you might think that I’ve abandoned the Farmers’ Markets.  This is truer than I might wish (those aforementioned missing weekends have rather curbed my enthusiasm for marketing early on Saturday mornings), but fortunately not entirely true.  The good news in my marketing life has been that the Victorian Farmers Market Association recently began running a lunchtime market at Melbourne University on a Wednesday.  This is conveniently close to where I work, and also conveniently not early in the morning, and Andrew (who is also currently working in the vicinity) and I have become regulars at its stalls.  While the variety of fresh produce is not as impressive as at the weekend markets (they are still building their stable of stallholders), it has been a fine way to get *some* proper, farmer-friendly vegetables into our weekly shop, and it’s also a highly enjoyable way to spend a lunchbreak… and it’s always fun playing ‘spot the WEHI person’ as I wander around the market…


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Flemington Farmers’ Market – Berries, vegetable mandalas, and a little present for you!

Hooray!  The new year has started and it’s back to the farmers’ markets for us, just in time for all those lovely tomatoes and long peppers and the last of the season’s apricots (already?  How did this happen?).


Saturday was too hot for anything, and I wasn’t able to figure out whether any farmers’ markets were even on (not all of them start directly after New Years), but Flemington sent me an email promising berries and stone fruit, and that was good enough for me.

A symbolic representation of Saturday's weather.

A symbolic representation of Saturday’s weather.

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Coburg Farmers’ Market – Last Asparagus for 2014, and bonus Christmas Vegetables

(I have spent *way* too much of this afternoon arranging my vegetables into Christmas card configurations and then shooting them with my newly-discovered soft focus camera setting. Hallmark would be appalled. Or possibly proud. I am just giggling like a crazy woman…)

Advent candle wreath, in asparagus, radishes, assorted berries, and spherical zucchini

Advent candle wreath, in asparagus, radishes, assorted berries, and spherical zucchini

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Coburg Farmers’ Market, Asparagus and a new camera!

Prepare yourself for arty produce photos!  Andrew bought me a new camera, and  I’m playing with settings…


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Can you guess what was at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday?


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Bundoora Farmers’ Market – Return to the Farmers’ Markets, hooray!

Hooray!  Saturday was the Bundoora Farmers’ Market, and I got to go to it!  Better still, I got to go with a license to buy lots of goodies, since the fridge and freezer were significantly emptier than when I was last there.  And best of all… after several years of having to make do with slightly less celestial farmers’ market pies, we finally managed to reconnect with Gum Tree Pies, who now come down to Bundoora (from their home base, somewhere near Canberra, if I recall correctly) once a month.


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Flemington Farmers’ Market

My current nocturnal tendencies (which are driving me absolutely nuts, incidentally) are making it very difficult to get to the farmers’ markets of late, but Sunday was a choir Sunday, which means that one has to get up early anyway… at which point, one would clearly be a fool *not* to take the opportunity to replenish one’s supply of farmers’ market goodies.

Sunday marketing means a return to Flemington for us – we have not yet investigated the charms of the Substation Market in Newport, though I certainly have my eye on it (and also on Bundoora Park for next week, since I’ve heard rumours that Gumtree Pies are there monthly).  And this is rather lovely, as we get to visit old friends – and meet the odd non-market friend, too – as well as investigating the new stalls.


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Coburg Farmers’ Market with Summer Fruit in late Autumn

Seriously, we are a week out from the official start of winter, and I can buy raspberries at the market?  And zucchini flowers?  Melbourne, don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this last hurrah of warm weather, but you’re making me a little nervous here.  I just know you will find a way to make up for it sooner or later.  Something tells me that you are plotting snow for this winter…


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