Cate Sings

My great-grandmother, Anny Bruckner, as Cherubino.

Why is there a whole page about music on a food blog? Well, because when I’m not working or cooking or writing in one of my other blogs, I am also a singer and occasional conductor of community choirs. I was keeping a regular music blog for a while, linking to recordings which caught my eye and reviewing the occasional performance, but I found that I couldn’t keep up with that among all my other blogs, so I decided to consolidate those posts into this blog, since my audience overlap was approximately 100%!

Here, you will find my musical advent calendars, information about any upcoming singing commitments that might be of interest, and links to a few recordings of my own singing.

Advent Calendars

As many of the places I sing are churches, I now have a frighteningly large repertoire of church music of various kinds, which I like to share in the form of musical Advent Calendars. I don’t manage them every year, but as you can see, I’ve done a fair few by now. The individual Advent Calendar posts will appear on the front page of this blog, in amongst all the recipes and foodie posts, but I have also created indices for each Advent Calendar I’ve written, which you can find below.

My Music

If you click on the link above, you will find a handful of recordings of performances in which I have been either a soloist or member of the choir. but I’m making one exception, because this Flanders & Swann piece about an operatic soprano who has just a little bit of a tuning problem is far too much fun not to share right up front!

Singing Calendar

All my Lent and Easter singing has been cancelled, but if you are in the mood for some Lenten music, I am starting a calendar of Music for a Quiet Lent, similar to my Advent calendars, but with a bit more for people to sing along to on a Sunday or the big Holy Week services.

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