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This is a personal blog, written by me.  I was going to say ‘edited by me’, too, but since I tend to go on and on and ON, I didn’t think that anyone would believe that there was editing involved… With a few exceptions (all of which are mentioned at the time), photographs are also by me, which is probably all too self-evident.

I’m not sure what else needs disclosing.  All opinions are my own, and I’m certainly not paid to review cookbooks, products or cafés.  I make a very tiny amount of money if I review a book and you happen to follow the link from my review to go and buy it online, and I also occasionally make confectionery for sale and advertise it on this blog, but I certainly don’t do this for a living.  My actual living involves organising medical researchers, and feeding them a lot of cake (the cake isn’t in the job description, but it is implied).

So far, nobody has ever asked me to review a product or a restaurant or anything else for them.  If they did, and if it sounded like my sort of thing, I’d probably say yes, and if that ever happens, I will disclose the request and any other relevant information in the review.

Links to external websites are there because I like those websites and think you might like them too.  Cate Sings also belongs to me, and is also entirely non-commercial at this stage.

All information on the site is copyrighted to Catherine McLean with a Creative Commons licence.  Should you feel like adapting and posting one of my recipes, I will of course be greatly flattered by this, but please link back to the original post if you do so. Please do not re-post my recipes in full without adaptation, and ditto with photos – if you really want to use one of my photos, drop me an email and I’ll probably say yes, but it’s kind of weird when stuff I’ve done shows up on someone else’s website, so please don’t do that.

Above all, this blog is about having some fun with food and, ideally, making people happy by feeding them glorious, gorgeous things.  I do not claim that any of this is particularly healthy, but I hope very much that you will find it suitably delicious and entertaining.


Catherine McLean

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