This time, the really big fires aren’t in my home state, which makes them a little less scary.  For me.  Still, they are pretty horrifying.

I’ve added a link in my sidebar to the donation page for the Australian Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal.  If you’re someone who enjoys dropping by and reading what I write, and if you have the money to spare, I’d love it if you’d show your appreciation by making a donation to the Red Cross.  It doesn’t have to be their bushfire appeal, and it doesn’t have to be the Australian Red Cross, either.  They, and the related Red Crescent organisations, do excellent work in many locations, and meet a lot of needs.

And don’t forget – the Red Cross can always use blood and plasma.  If you are healthy and well and not in a forbidden category one way or another, consider taking the time to donate.

It’s something we can do when it really doesn’t feel like there’s much anyone can do.

Thank you.


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