Brief update, with Eurovision and Blogiversary

Hello!  I’m not really back, but since Eurovision was this morning (so early this morning), and Eurovision has always counted as a Food Blog Anniversary for me, it seemed timely to give you an update.

I’m actually feeling a lot less depressed about cooking since I last wrote here.  This is mostly because my wrist is behaving a lot better, and baking is more feasible.  But I’m still run off my feet – I’m heading to Europe in nine days, and an Election has been called for three days after I get back, so I’m currently trying to madly update my politics blog before I go, with profiles of all the new parties.  And after that, I’ll be overseas, so realistically, you aren’t likely to hear a lot from me before July.  I’ll see how I’m feeling about regular blog posts then – it’s actually rather relaxing to cook without photographing everything and writing it down…

I do plan one more update between now and then, because we finally finished the Shakespeare project on April 23rd (the 400th anniversary of his death), which means I have cooked up my last Shakespeare feast, at least for the foreseeable future, and this must be recorded for posterity.

But this is Eurovision Sunday, so it’s time for a brief Eurovision post – along with a photograph or two of The Eurovision Biscuits That Took All Day.


Firstly – you heard it here first.  Greece was robbed.  And so was Iceland.  And Bosnia Herzegovina.  People of Europe – have you no hearts?  How could you not let these magnificent acts through to the finals?

Secondly, how good was Australia?  And the Ukraine?  And Serbia?  And Croatia, you costume-revealing darling, you? And don’t worry, I’m still not saying who won (yes, I got up at 5am to vote).  Let’s just say I liked all three top placegetters, so I was pretty happy.  Even if they weren’t Greece, you soulless European voters…

Thirdly, and most importantly, how good were Petra and Mans?  Can Sweden host Eurovision every year now?

I mean, first they did this:

And then there was their little tribute to Belarus

And last, there was THIS:

You have no idea how happy that last video made me.

Fourthly, can we all agree that if Australia wins Eurovision (which it might have.  Or it might not have.  I’m not telling), we should hold it in Vienna, so that everyone will be confused about Australia and Austria forever?

And fifthly, if one is going to make Eurovision biscuits instead of cross-dressing can, and they are going to take all day to make, don’t you think these ones are worth it?


Of course you do.


And so do I.

They are from this recipe by Eugenie of Eugenie Kitchen – I altered them on purpose by adding passionfruit powder instead of vanilla and using a more Eurovision-shaped heart – and then by accident, because the food colouring I had was quite strong, and the red just overwhelmed my attempts to make orange…


They were quite messy to make, though.


Happy Eurovision, everyone!



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7 responses to “Brief update, with Eurovision and Blogiversary

  1. I pretty much want them to host everything ever. This might be the year I actually buy the Eurovision dvd…

  2. best post evahhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Eurovision makes me so happy.

  4. *whispers* I actually don’t care a jot for Eurovision

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