Anybody can cook Fabulous Vegetarian Food: 15-Minute Wonders

Am I the only one looking at the weather forecast for the next few days and whimpering?  I am not a fan of the summer.  True, we get all the most fabulous stone fruit and berries and tomatoes and eggplants and other gorgeous crops – but the price we pay is high.  High on the thermometer.  And really, where is the fun in having gorgeous, seasonal ingredients in the kitchen if it’s too hot to cook them?

So this month’s challenge is really twofold – to use beautiful, summery ingredients to make a meal, while minimising the amount of time spent with the stove running.  Or to be precise…

The January 2015 theme is
15-Minute Wonders

(Because I can’t stand the heat – but I can’t seem to stay out of the kitchen, either…)


For this challenge, you have fifteen minutes, and your time starts… now!  (But it’s OK.  If the recipe doesn’t work out, you probably won’t be going home.  Because you will already be home.  Why yes, I do have a terrible, terrible addiction to MasterChef…)

Quite seriously, the goal of this challenge is food that requires a minimum of preparation as well as a minimum of stove-time.  I don’t know about you, but for me, once it gets above thirty or so outside – that’s celsius to you – being in the kitchen at all starts to feel like a chore.  So for this challenge, it’s blenders and food processors ahoy, and zucchini and cucumber noodles welcome. I’d love to see plenty of raw food again, because last year’s raw challenge was so much fun, but I also have high hopes of seeing some big salads with chickpeas or other beans providing protein, raw broccoli or cauliflower masquerading as rice or couscous, or indeed, couscous itself forming the base for something wonderful.  I’d love to see some cold soups to refresh us on hot days, some quick omelettes, or scrambled tofu.

Recipes can be for things served hot or cold or anywhere in between, and frankly, if it’s ten minutes of preparation in the morning followed by all-day marinating in the fridge and five more minutes of action at the end, that’s fine by me too.   And it doesn’t have to be hot weather food.  There are plenty of times during the year when I don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen, and I can’t possibly be alone in this.

But we’re definitely aiming for a kitchen sprint, not a slow-cooker marathon.  We’ll save that for winter…

Challenge rules can be found at the main challenge page!  Don’t forget to add your post to the linky below once you’ve done all the lovely adding of icons and linking back to this page, so that you can get the code for your own blog hop.

Looking forward to some fabulous fast food for January!

NB: As has probably become evident, I’m not good at keeping these challenges going through the year.  If you’d like to host this challenge for a month during 2015, please let me know in the comments.

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