Advent Calendar Day 21: O Holy Night (Adolphe-Charles Adam)

This is one of those carols that I feel a bit guilty for liking, because I suspect I only really like it because I can now hit that top A effortlessly.  When I couldn’t, I hated it.  And I don’t think that it’s the carol that changed.

I do, most definitely, feel that it gets played far too often around Christmas, and generally in versions that make me grind my teeth because I’m sorry but I just *do not like* pop ballads, and you shouldn’t do that to a Christmas carol, even this one.

Which is why I unreservedly adore Christina Bianco’s version of this carol.

Christina Bianco is a very talented and very wicked woman who has vocal colour down to an art form.  She mimics the vocal styles of well-known singers with an accuracy that makes my evil little heart beat with glee, and it’s truly fascinating to watch her face as she does so, because it’s practically a tutorial in the way you shift your face to create different sounds.  (Obviously, you have to shift a fair number of other things, too, but it’s fascinating to see her do it, and to realise that some of the facial mannerisms of well-known singers are probably actually a product of the way they use their voices.)

Anyway, on the last Saturday before Christmas, when last-minute Christmas shopping is at its height, I felt a little bit of silliness was called for.  Enjoy!

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