Advent Calendar Day 18 – Rorate Coeli (Schütz)

Today’s post is a bit late, because I was attending a wedding, and because I was far too tired to get up early and do this beforehand.

But perhaps I should have, because today’s piece is so bright and lively and delightful that it would wake anyone up in a good mood. I’ve never sung this one or heard of it until I went seeking Advent music and kept hearing about this piece, but I’ve been playing it again and again and I really, really want to sing it now. It’s just so joyous, and feels more like a madrigal in the way it’s put together than any other church music I’ve heard; something about how close all the echoes come to each other or something, and its brisk tempo. It’s fast polyphony with lots of coloratura, and I think this is my new favourite kind of music, because I’m fairly sure I’ve ever sung anything quite like it. And for once a choir with female sopranos and altos!

Also, the text is rather delightful:

The heavens spill forth dew,
and the clouds rain down justice,
that the earth below might open up
and cause Our Savior to take seed.

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