Advent Calendar Day 11: Remember, O Thou Man (Ravenscroft)

Today’s song is, I think, the first piece of music I ever sang with the Wesley Choir, about ten years ago. It amused me no end at the time.  It still does, somewhat.

I trust you noticed the cheery and uplifting words?  Bear in mind that I first sang this at a Christmas Carol service, not an Advent one.  Here’s the first verse

Remember O thou man, thy time is spent
Remember O thou man, how thou art dead and gone
And I did what I can, therefore repent…

There’s a definite element of “Look, I’ve done my bit, you’d better pull your socks up” about that.  Incidentally, if you want to be really authentic about this, there are actually ten verses to this carol.  We sang the first three.  I think this recording has about six.  And bonus lute and recorder!  What more could you want?

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