Advent Calendar 6 – Angels from the Realms of Glory

So you’ve probably figured out by now that most of these carols are going to be obscure medieval or pseudo-medieval carols, because that’s how I roll. This is for reasons of both taste – I love the sound of these older carols – and practicality – they tend to be in the public domain.

(Also, when I was conducting my work choir the medieval carols were a good choice – a lot of the traditional church carols feel a bit inappropriate for a secular workplace, but the lyrics of medieval carols are SO obscure and strange that to the modern ear they might as well be secular. So that’s another practical reason.)

Anyway. I thought today I’d give you a day off from the weirdness and also give myself a nice easy carol to sing – this is one that I arranged for my work choir, so I know it very well indeed and where some recordings have taken me well over an hour to put together, this one took me perhaps half an hour – and most of that was time spent waiting for the traffic to stop being noisy in between takes.

Also, it’s really pretty.

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