Advent Calendar 5 – Noël Nouvelet

Yesterday’s carol ended with the words ‘That we may there sing thee nowell’, so it seemed fitting to do a Nowell sort of carol today.

I know this carol better in the English, Easter version, Now the Green Blade Riseth, but it’s actually a French carol from the 15th or 16th century, and the original version has twelve verses, some of them very strange.

I particularly like the last one which, perhaps, explains the strangeness of some of the preceding ones:

In thirty days was Noël accomplished.
In 12 stanzas behold my song finished.
For each day I have made one stanza.
A new Noël, a Noël sing I here

Yeah, pretty sure the poet really wanted those twelve verses and was running out of ideas by the time he got to verse nine or so…

This is another of my arrangements, though it’s not strictly mine – most of it is borrowed from other sources which I know from memory, and whose origins are thus rather lost to me. I’m pretty confident nobody has combined them in this particular way before, however, and the very silly descants are all mine.

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