Advent Calendar 11 – Stille Nacht

I don’t think I’ve ever put this carol in an Advent Calendar before. This is mostly because it is one of my least favourite carols of all time, due to overexposure – I sang this more than 130 times one December, back in my professional carolling days, and I assure you, this was more than enough for one lifetime…

… but, it’s the Friday at the end of a very long week, and I don’t have anything pre-recorded, so I’m going for the low-hanging fruit! And let’s face it, it *is* a popular and well-known carol. Perhaps I will please you, even if I don’t please myself!

I’m not sure where the descant is from. One of the UROP students in my work choir surprised me with it in rehearsal about ten years ago, and it was one of the rare occasions where I actually found myself liking this carol. She sang it at each of our carolling sessions that year, and then went off to do other things and left the choir. I never did see the music for it, so I’m trying to reconstruct it from memory, and I’m fairly sure I don’t have it entirely right. It’s still rather lovely, though I think she sang it better than I do.

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