A little bit of a brag…

There is a market post in the works, mostly speculating on why on earth it suddenly seems to be autumn in the marketplace – seriously, pumpkins, venison, kale, more pumpkins, carrots, pumpkins again, mushrooms – hasn’t Melbourne noticed that spring is only a few weeks away?  Our seasons aren’t just upside-down from the Northern Hemisphere, they are sideways and kind of weird.

Anyway, in lieu of actual content, last night’s Birthday Dinner menu:

Olive bread

Chicken in a pot with Aioli

Excellent Ratatouille

Roasted Potatoes, for which I really must write the recipe sometime, since I can make them in my sleep and everyone loves them (except Andrew who doesn’t like potatoes.  Odd man.)

And, the pièce de resistance – with resistance being the key word here, because it certainly resisted all over the inside of the oven in a spectacular and fairly appalling fashion – gingerbread brownies with strawberries, cream and caramel coated hazelnuts, plus gratuitous toffee, because I couldn’t just sit there and let it set in the saucepan, now could I?  That would be wasteful.

Is this dessert not a thing of beauty and a joy forever? Or at least, a joy as long as it stays on the plate and the palate, which wasn’t all that long, really…

Isn’t it beautiful?  It would have been even more beautiful if I hadn’t knocked over the hazelnuts before they were set and broken half the spikes.  Oops.  And if I had managed to make non-explosive cupcakes, though the random oh-good-grief,-what-do-I-have-in-the-fridge brownies were still very good.

The moral of the story?  Practically anything suddenly looks classy if you add toffee to it and put it on a nice plate.  Wisdom for the ages…

(The other, even more important moral of the story? Get a self-cleaning, pyrolytic oven.  They are the klutzy cook’s best friend…)

Another gratuitous picture, because I am very impressed with myself right now.

Right, back to the trenches for me – this blog is either going to be very quiet or very chatty over the next few days as I go into mad wedding-cupcake-planning mode.  Wish me luck!


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