A couple of menu posts…

I’m out practically every night at present, so in lieu of actually useful content, here, have a few menu plans…

Tuesday: Slow cooker chicken, salad, home-made aioli, pasta dura bread
Wednesday: Roast mushroom sandwich on pasta dura bread, with aioli replacing the cheese (see what I did there?)
Thursday: Chicken and asparagus risotto, using the leftover chicken and bonus chicken stock generated by aforementioned slow cooker roast.
Friday: Leftovers, in all probability.  Not that Wednesday to Thursday weren’t technically leftovers…

To be honest, I think leftovers may actually be my best skill, cooking-wise – I love making one meal into three totally different meals before the week is out (much less boring than having the same thing, day after day…

Oh, and here’s a braggy little menu from last week:

Roast butterflied leg of lamb, à la Nigella Lawson
Strawberry Salad, à la Where’s the Beef?
Potato salad with saffron and herbs
Crumbed artichokes from Rita at the Farmers’ Market, possibly my new favourite food ever, I might add.

Leftover lamb was, of course, turned into lamb and eggplant stew with yoghurt a couple of nights later.  And Mayhem, who sat very politely and expectantly at my feet while I was chopping it up, may have got a few scraps of roast lamb for her very own, which she appreciated *greatly*.


This time last year…

Organisational Cooking (apparently my life goes in annual cycles)
Grandiose Gardening Plans (yep, definitely detecting a pattern here!)
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2 comments for “A couple of menu posts…

  1. October 30, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Woohoo, you made the salad! Your roast mushroom sandwich sounds pretty great too. 🙂

    • Catherine
      October 30, 2012 at 3:12 pm

      The salad was much admired by all who ate it, because it was gorgeous, though I do need to figure out how not to have all the parmesan clump together. Oh, and I didn’t have balsamic vinegar, so I used strawberry vinegar mixed with white wine vinegar, for added strawberry goodness. Yum.

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