Travel Diary: Norway Part 6 – Bergen, and a farewell to Northern lands!

In which our heroines explore Bergen, miss all the museums, but do find some trolls (not the internet kind).

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Can you guess what was at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday?


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Travel Diary: Norway Part 5 – I fought the glacier (and the glacier won)

But I didn’t fall down a crevasse, so it could have been worse.

I’m warning you now that this post is going to have a *lot* of pictures.  Norway is outrageously scenic, and if you add glaciers, you basically double the whole scenic thing.  There are mountains.  There are fjords.  There are glaciers.  There are glaciers on mountains overlooking fjords.  You get the idea.  There are also photos of me and my friend all dressed up in glacier-climbing gear looking slightly terrified.  I may or may not share those ones.  You have been warned.

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Recipe: Accidental Arrabbiatta Pasta

This is the pasta I made for dinner while staying with R in Bergen.  It was actually really lovely, just a lot spicier than I intended so it seemed worth recording.  Alas, I have no photographs of this recipe, but I figure that anyone reading this blog is probably getting more than enough photos at present, what with farmers’ markets and endless Travel Diary posts, so I hope you can survive without.

What makes this sauce good, in my view, is the combination of cooked tomatoes and fresh, uncooked tomatoes.  I was aiming for an even brighter combination with some sun dried tomato paste as well, but the tomato paste turned out to be chillis in disguise (yes, I probably should have noticed this, but I was so excited to be in a kitchen.  And the bottle wasn’t labelled.  And I cook by smell, not taste…), so if you don’t like spicy sauces, give that a try instead.  It will taste fantastic either way.


Your Shopping List

olive oil
3 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp dried oregano
7 big tomatoes, preferably all in different colours
300g assorted cherry tomatoes
2 tbsp preserved chopped chilli in oil (it’s not quite a paste, and not chunks in oil, either – but it’s very, very finely chopped chilli and there is definitely olive oil. You will know it when you see it)
1 tin chickpeas
350 g penne pasta
parmesan, to serve

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Travel Post: Norway Part 4: A glimpse of Bergen

In which our heroines reach Bergen, get to actually cook in a real live kitchen, and make a new friend.  This is a short post, because the glacier one is going to take me forever, and I wanted to provide some sense of progress!

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Recipe: Pistachio Raspberry Muffins with a hint of Roses (and Zucchini)

You know how I spent about a month obsessively baking recipe after recipe after recipe from Red Velvet, Chocolate Heartache?  Well, I’m pleased to say that I seem to have internalised the book thoroughly enough that I can now create my own goodies along those lines.  And will undoubtedly start doing so obsessively at the next practical moment…

I really love these muffins.  They came out light and fluffy and nicely rose-flavoured, with a lovely pale green crumb from the pistachios and the zucchini.  The pistachio flavour is fairly subtle, but the raspberries and roses are definitely having a happy, muffiny party in your mouth.

Definitely one of my better efforts.

IMG_7946 copy

Your Shopping List

40 g pistachios
90 g almond meal
100 g rice flour
2 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
2 eggs
160 g caster sugar
2 medium zucchini (you need to wind up with 220g once you have peeled them, topped and tailed them, and finely grated them)2 tsp rosewater
150 g raspberries (frozen actually work better here)


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Travel Diary: Norway Part 3 – The Road to Hell (and Trondheim)

In which our heroines take the Highway to Hell, and learn why the bishop carved onto the facade of Nidaros Cathedral is cradling a basket full of heads.

(Come on, you know you want to know about the heads in a basket…)

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Bundoora Farmers’ Market – Return to the Farmers’ Markets, hooray!

Hooray!  Saturday was the Bundoora Farmers’ Market, and I got to go to it!  Better still, I got to go with a license to buy lots of goodies, since the fridge and freezer were significantly emptier than when I was last there.  And best of all… after several years of having to make do with slightly less celestial farmers’ market pies, we finally managed to reconnect with Gum Tree Pies, who now come down to Bundoora (from their home base, somewhere near Canberra, if I recall correctly) once a month.


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Travel Diary: Norway Part 2: Steinvikholm Castle, a long bike ride, and a festival.

In which our intrepid heroines go for a very long bicycle ride and learn that when Norwegians say that the road is flat… they mean flat compared to a great big pointy mountain coming out of a fjord.

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Jetlag and Facebook Page

So I had all these plans for getting my next Norway post up today, and then work on my Farmers’ Market post, and it was going to be amazing and posterific…

… and then I discovered jetlag.  I really thought I’d managed to avoid it this time, but nope, here it is.  I spent most of the day barely able to function (I had an accidental three hour nap this afternoon), and now I’m wide awake.

So I suspect you will be waiting a little while before my regular travel posts.  I’m back at work tomorrow, assuming I can manage not to sleep too heavily at my desk, and this will tend to interfere with one’s blogging schedule!

In the meantime, though, I have created a Cate’s Cates Facebook Page especially for those who wish to follow this food blog without necessarily hearing all about my opinions on politics or what I think of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.  Or grant writing.  All the cool kids were doing it, you see.  So feel free to pop over and like (and even share, should this float your boat) my page.  I’m currently working out how to like my fellow food bloggers in my persona as Cate’s Cates rather than as just plain Catherine, because I like the idea of having all my lovely foodie people together where I can find them easily, so if I haven’t found you yet, and you are so inclined, please do pop over and like me and I will reciprocate.